Hello and thanks for visiting True Naturescapes.

My name is Micheall Reed and I have been a commercial photographer for over twenty-five years, my images have been published in business to business catalogs, web sites, all over the world. Over the years I have always had a personal desire to photograph old barns, special buildings and most of all, scenic landscapes.

Everywhere my wife and I travel I seek out unique and eye-catching scenes. After collecting images for years I have decided to offer some of them now for fine art prints for your personal collections either in your home or place of business.

Each one of these scenes brings back a pleasant memory. Maybe you would like to have or share one of these special images as a reminder of nature's beauty. These would be perfect images for restaurants, nightclubs or client waiting areas, anywhere you would like to bring some nature indoors. FYI, these images are made to last, real photographs on real photographic paper, not computer ink jet prints.

Micheall A. Reed
Photographer and owner of True Naturescapes

Micheall Reed is a professional commercial photographer, and photographer for the United States Forest Service, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.